Freight costs and payment.

How high will freight costs be? 

Delivery ex works Muenster; Transportation is free until German border if order volume exceeds €1500. For bulky goods we can charge freight, even if the order value exceeds €1500. From the German border and if the value is lower that €1500 in particular, acutal freight costs will be charged. Standard prices cannot be given for international shipping. You will find the actual costs on your pro forma invoice. 

What are the terms of payment?

International delivery only against advance payment less 3% discount, payment must be arranged within 14 days after receiving the pro forma invoice. Exceptions can only be made with prior conusltation and our written confirmation. 

When do I pay?

Payment is due after you receive your pro forma invoice, you will find all necessary details on the invoice. Please do not pay the automated order confirmation.